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Shopping and dropping

There was a time in my life when I could shop until I dropped. Dropped plenty of money, that is. But I could hit two different shopping malls and the grocery store without slowing down. Those days are gone.

I still love to shop, but I now have to limit an outing to two or three stores. I suppose this is a good thing during a recession (and during my semi-retirement years). Besides, sometimes I think about going to Nordstrom or Lord & Taylor or even Chico’s but tell myself, “I don’t really need anything.” That is, except for a white top to replace the one with the permanent stain on the bottom. Or something to go with the brown pants I bought a couple of weeks ago. But really, I have enough clothes. That was apparent when we cleaned out our master closet in preparation for the painters. I filled three boxes and one bag with items I finally admitted were never going to be worn again. And my closet looks much neater. I want to keep it that way. So if I go shopping and buy an item of clothing, I will have to eliminate one that’s already hanging in that much neater space.

Now that we have new colors on the walls, I’m fixated on shopping for our home. We don’t have much need for furniture (and I find this very disappointing; no reason to browse Crate and Barrel or Room and Board), but we need new towels, other bathroom accessories, and art to go with Sea Salt and Restrained Gold. Because you can’t try on a towel or wastebasket in the dressing room, you have to wait until you get home to find out the lovely item just doesn’t quite fit. So I find myself hemming and hawing before eventually choosing something. This too is exhausting, and I’m again dropping long before I should stop shopping.

We also need a new mattress. This has nothing to do with colors on the walls, only with indentations in the old mattress, which points out that there’s a good reason at least one of us wakes up aching. This is not an item that’s fun to shop for. For one thing, once you pick one and decide to keep it, you’re stuck with it for a very long time. Also, it’s an expensive item, and nobody will ooh and aah over it when they tour the house. You would think the idea of lying down on mattresses in the store wouldn’t be too taxing, but just thinking about it makes me put it off. Maybe next week.

Update: It is now “next week,” and lo and behold, we have shopped for—purchased—a new mattress. To make it go a little more smoothly, we had lunch first (with glasses of wine…and dessert) to be sure we would be mellow enough for the decision-making. (No, we were actually very hungry; but every bit of mellowness helps.) We then went on to Macy’s in the mall and started to pretend to sleep on various beds. The sales associate was very knowledgeable and helpful. We chose a luxurious plush mattress set on sale, and it’s being delivered in a couple of weeks.

After that purchase, there was still the task of grocery shopping. A few minutes of that and we were both in danger of dropping. We went home and napped. Isn’t old(er) age exciting?

Now we need new sheet sets to go with our new, much thicker mattress. Maybe next week.


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