What's Not to Laugh?

Almost everything about aging–except grave illness and death–can be funny as well as disturbing. I try to find the funny and help us all get through it!

A Message from Maude: What the…?

Maude_wonderingI think my owners have gone crazy. Both of them. I still get fed and my litter box is almost always clean, and I still get to cuddle up on their bed at night…if I want to. But there’s something strange going on. Both she and he have started prancing around as if they’ve swallowed Mexican jumping beans. (Never mind how I know about Mexican jumping beans.)

There I am, lounging around on my newest favorite place (that is until I barfed on it yesterday), the loveseat in the family room, and as soon as a commercial appears on TV, one or both of them get up from their seats and start marching in place—or even odder, marching in circles around the furniture! I have also seen them stepping from side to side. She will sometimes step sideways and then kick, as if she were doing the hora. (Never mind how I know about the hora.)

I suspect all of  this extra activity that disturbs me—they should be petting me instead—may have something to do with a little device that I see them checking every few minutes. She has it attached to her bra; he looks down at his pocket. I don’t know what all that is about, but I can tell them that they are not going to get anywhere anytime soon if they march in place or walk around in circles. Don’t humans know anything?

I don’t understand much people talk (except “food”), but I think I’ve heard the strange word “Fitbit” a lot lately. I suspect there’s a connection.

There is a bright side to this behavior. This prancing is far better than the times they say something silly to me, like “See ya later, alligator,” walk out that mysterious door, and don’t return for several hours. When they’re doing the marching and circling, they are right there where I can keep an eye on them.


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2 thoughts on “A Message from Maude: What the…?

  1. Maybe I’d better not ask you what your evening antics are, Tim


  2. A Pete’s perspective can be fun. Our two mutts probably laugh at our evening antics, too. But we aren,t dancing around the couch diving commercials.


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