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Almost everything about aging–except grave illness and death–can be funny as well as disturbing. I try to find the funny and help us all get through it!

My birthday…again?

I just celebrated a birthday, seemingly only a few months after the last one! Time is speeding up, and that’s just not fair. I still have people to meet, things to do, procrastinations to overcome…

Don’t misunderstand. I’m grateful for every birthday that comes along. “Consider the alternative” used to be a funny comment made to anyone who complained about how old they’re getting. It’s not so funny anymore. I get it. I’m glad to be here and be well (knock on wood) and have a wonderful family and lots of good friends. But how the hell did I get here so soon? I certainly don’t feel “old” like I thought my parents were at this age.

Now that I’m on a whirlwind journey to real old age, I might start thinking about what I want to do with the time I have left, whatever that is. I don’t have a bucket list, but maybe I should. I’m not very adventurous, so if I did have a list, it would bore most people to death. As much as I would love to see lions and tigers and giraffes up close (that is, closer than you can see twarpspeedhem at Brookfield Zoo), I don’t think a safari would be on my list, for many reasons—one of which is my discomfort with flying long distances.

This year for my birthday I was treated to a dinner by my daughter and son-in-law at one of my favorite restaurants and a lunch at another favorite place by seven of my dearest friends. My husband cooked a special dinner for me, although the fact that he cooks just about every night—and all his dinners are special—would not have made it a celebration, until he uncorked a bottle of champagne. That was special. He also took me out to dinner a few days after the occasion. A highlight on the day itself, was a phone call from my other daughter and twin grandsons. The boys sang the “Happy Birthday” song. I loved every second of it. Even my ex-husband called with birthday wishes. That’s a good life!

So why am I complaining? For one thing, it’s what I do well . But the real reason is that this warp speed of time going by is scaring me. I complain about the Chicago winter every year, but the good news is that it flies by. The bad news is that so does colorful spring, carefree summer, and pleasant fall. It’s all just going too fast, and I’m not sure I’m taking the time to absorb it.

I know I’m not alone in these reflections. I’d love to hear your thoughts…and even some of the items on your bucket list. Just click on “Leave a Comment” near the top of the page.



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15 thoughts on “My birthday…again?

  1. Joanne on said:

    Hi Bonnie. Happy Birthday..every birthday is a blessing, lol. I feel your pain..


  2. Bobbie Piell on said:

    Dear Bonnie:
    Birthdays at this point are like a ball of yarn that just goes faster and faster the fuller it gets. Happy Happy Birthday and pay no attention to the number. You look great and as long as you feel great, that’s the important thing.
    Cousin Bobbie


  3. Work that involved computers and other technology was a factor for me too. I still have to learn new software and new tricks to get around software glitches.

    I’ve enjoyed this conversation, and I’ll be reading your blog posts.


  4. The days (especially in this weather) go by slowly, but the years go by so rapidly. I cannot believe how old we’ve gotten, although, yes, you look far younger than your years. I checked my maternal grandmother’s age when she died. I thought she was about 95, but it turns out she was 73. But it was a whole different 73 from today. Put the two of you side by side (well, if she were still alive and still 73) and you would look like her granddaughter. I think we still have much to look forward to, and I hope we do many things together for many years.


    • Judi, I must have overlooked your comment. It didn’t show up on the site because I hadn’t approve it. (I hadn’t approve it because I overlooked it.) See how complicated life can get? Thanks for your input and very kind thoughts.


  5. Even though I’m about to turn 23 in a couple of months, I share the same thoughts as you do about time going fast. For me it feels like I just graduated high school but it’s 5 years after the fact, haha. I’ve created a bucket list for myself to put some excitement into my life and would encourage you to do the same no matter how boring you say it may be. Once I organize my list, I’ll put it on my blog to hold myself accountable, I’m still new to this blogging thing… Hopefully you had a great birthday and I hope all is well with you. Nice post!


    • Kale, it’s nice to meet you. 23 is a nice age…so many possibilities ahead. Thomgs were very different when I was 23. Not better, maybe worse, but just different. i look forward to your bucket list. Maybe I’ll get some ideas…or at least something to daydream about.


      • Nice to meet you as well, I’ll be sure and let you know when I post my list on my blog. Things are definitely a lot different than how I assume they used to be. Hopefully you create your own list to share with others as well.


  6. I’m not sure how old you just became, but judging by your photograph I’ll make a guess it’s under sixty, significantly under sixty, although you wouldn’t be complaining if it were still under fifty so we won’t go that low. Anyway, if I were you I’d figure I’m only halfway through my adult life (baby years don’t count and I’m an optimist) and relax. Then I’d start doing things I haven’t done yet but wanted to. Slowly, slowly, one at a time, but do them because yes, time does go faster and faster when you look back. You might discover a whole new other life to go with the very nice one you seem to have already. I could go on, but won’t, as I’m 83 and still haven’t thrown in the towel, and would have a great deal more to say about all the good things you can do when you’re older and wiser — if I let myself. 🙂


    • Nina, you made my day! I’m 73 now, and the photo was taken in this past fall. I know I look younger (good genes), and that’s a plus. You’re an inspiration to me. I had no idea you were older than I am. but the inspiration comes from all that you do and have done. I’m considering full retirement this year, but I still don’t know what I wnt to be when I grow up! I have a feeling I’ll be saying that in my late 90s (I hope.) Thanks for your comment and for reading the post.


      • I retired “fully” at 73, too! (Although I cadged another year on paper by being on unpaid sabbatical till 74, just in case I changed my mind. I didn’t change it.) As for being “grown up,” I think it came and went while I wasn’t looking, so now I don’t have to decide anymore what I want to be then. You must need new glasses, though, if you had no idea I had ten years on you. (And boy, are you lucky in the genes department!) Thank you so much for finding me inspiring. I wish I found myself inspiring, too. Belated happy birthday. Enjoy every single day!


      • I don’t need new glasses, yet, but I do have a cataract… Nevertheless, you’re looking good and I love the fact that you’re blogging. I know many women just slightly older than I am who don’t know how to use a computer, don’t have email, even on their phones. As for texting? No way. If they don’t at least try to keep up, they’ll keep falling further behind, until one day they won’t know be able to converse with the younger generation at all.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I suspect older women who rely exclusively on their telephones — and boy! do they! — are the ones who weren’t working, or weren’t working in offices, when computers came in. I don’t know a single formerly professional woman, even in her eighties, who doesn’t compute, email, text like a champ. They also all seem to do FB — except me. (But I do tweet.) However, I’m not so sure keeping up with the younger generation is what it’s all about. As one gets older, one gets tireder, and less matters. I blog because I was always a writer, in one way or another, and now that I’m retired, how else would I get read? It’s instant gratification as often as I want it! Not everyone has those needs. Some meditate. Grow organic vegetables. Take care of their grandchildren. Volunteer in the schools. To each her own.


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