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20 Questions, the modern way

While browsing a web site, I was delighted to see that key company employees displayed profiles that included more than just name, title, and photo. Each had answered questions under a typical heading of “20 Things You Don’t Know About Me.” I’m not an employee of that company, but that didn’t stop me from opening a fresh Word document and answering the questions for myself. I shared this with nobody. Until now. I’m publishing them here to give you some insight into the way my mind works (although most of these answers won’t surprise anyone who knows me well) and to encourage you to try this yourself:

20 Things You May (or May Not) Know About Me:

  1. I love watching ....The Good Wife, The Big Bang Theory, 60 Minutes, Forensic Files, and Dr. Phil (Yes, I still like Dr. Phil’s show…)
  2. The most important thing I learned from my mother was … don’t go out without makeup or people will think you’re depressed
  3. The most important thing I learned from my father was … accept and work well with people of all races and religions
  4. My favorite holiday is … Mother’s Day. I usually host it, but I have no qualms about not cooking and ordering in all the food.
  5. My favorite software application … PowerPoint. I don’t give talks anymore, but I use it to create graphic images and make changes in photos that might be too complicated in Photoshop
  6. Web site I spend the most time on … Vibrant Nation, Facebook, Wikipedia—I couldn’t pick just one. And I shouldn’t leave out Amazon.
  7. The famous person(s) who inspires me the most … Meryl Streep, Jodi Picoult, Oprah,
  8. I would like to be the world’s best at… writing fiction (Of course, I’ll never be the best at it because I don’t do it; that’s a subject for another blog post I may never write.)
  9. In the mornings … I look forward to pushing buttons on the Keurig and getting my big mug of coffee in less than a minute.
  10. I love to take vacations … but I don’t like getting there. In the future, maybe we can close our eyes, click our heels together, and be zapped to places.
  11. I make the best …individual potato kugels in muffin tins…only because my grandmother is no longer alive and nobody else I know makes them.
  12. My favorite athlete is … I’m not a sports fan, so I can’t pick anyone special—although I’ve noticed that Joakim Noah is kind of cute.
  13. I used to play the … guitar, although not very well. I also learned piano, but not very well. I tried the recorder, but I didn’t get very far. There’s a pattern here. No musical instruments!
  14. My first real job was … as a stock room clerk and all-around helper at the Marianne shop (women’s clothing) on Devon Avenue when I was a teenager
  15. Something that really annoys me …drivers who think traffic laws don’t apply to them.
  16. My favorite colors are … teal blue and lime green
  17. I like to read … captivating novels. I just finished Sharp Objects, by Gillian Flynn, author of Gone Girl. It’s dark. I had a hard time falling asleep each night I read the final chapters.
  18. I wish I had more …. athletic ability…or any athletic ability
  19. The music I like to listen to … is an eclectic mix: classical, musical theater, some pop/rock, ethnic (like Klezmer), and Emmy Lou Harris
  20. I love to …answer questions like these

Do you have another question for me? If you conclude that reading this blog post was 5 minutes you’ll never get back, I assume you won’t be asking me anything.

Now it’s your turn, if you accept this mission. What don’t I know about you? Choose a few of the questions here or come up with your own. The trick is to answer quickly, without worrying if you’re choosing a suitable (for whom?) response.


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3 thoughts on “20 Questions, the modern way

  1. Cousin Bobbie on said:

    Now I know we’re really blood relatives. My answers would be almost the same.


  2. Cousin Bobbie on said:

    Reading your answers reaffirms there is blood between us. My answers were almost identical. How funny is that!


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